About Stavagran- the company and the raw material
Spruce with an extremely slow growth rate

Stavagran is the Swedish word for spruce with a slow growth rate. The stavagran-trees have developed very slowly and do therefore have especially tight growth rings. There are many examples of trees with a top measurement of about 10cm, which are far more than 100 years old.

Our raw material is specially selected in the province of Jämtland, Sweden.

The company

Stavagran is also the name of a company that was started in 2000 by Eva and Anders Stjernström. The company is situated in Sikås, a village 70 km north of Östersund. The business is located in Sikås.

Stavagran AB is a manufacturer of wooden poles for various purposes, for instance fences and vineyards. Extremely tight growth rings and small as well as few knots imply a strong material, which does not easily crack and does not have to be treated with chemicals. We provide ecological poles, without poison, which do not have a negative impact on animals and nature.

Our products are durable, strong and free from poison!

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Why Stavagran?

Our poles are not treated with any chemicals. They do not have a negative impact on nature, animals or people.

Our stavagran is specially selected within a certain geographical area in Jämtland, Sweden. This provides a special quality in strength and durability. We trust old knowledge in using stavagran for poles. Many old fences, which were built around year 1930, can still be found in the surrounding forest.